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We started a 2 week unit on dinosaurs right after the July 4th holiday. I’m trying to get us into a 3 day a week schedule, but it’s still pretty loose. Mister really enjoyed these activities from the past couple weeks!

To kick thing off, we visited our local museum. They are currently running a hands-on dinosaur exhibit and do weekly events.

Here he is digging for fossils. 😉

We also started out our week with a trip to the library. We borrowed many informational children’s books about dinosaurs. Our library also has Playaway Views and Launchpads to borrow, so we got a Launchpad that was loaded with different educational dinosaur games and a View with dinosaur audio/visual books on it. Mister really enjoyed both of these and was sad when we had to return them.

We also squeezed in an unrelated library trip to see Emily Arrow. I had never heard of her before seeing it advertised at the library. I wish I had discovered her while I was still in my classroom! She’s a wonderful addition to reading time!

We also did some play with baking soda and vinegar! He placed his dinos around and I dyed the vinegar orange (so it would look more like lava and less pink 😉). He did this for almost 45 minutes! He even requested to do it again after rest time with blue vinegar.

We also used his word wall! He found the word dinosaur, found all the paper letters and glued them in order. He was so excited that it only took a little nudging for him to write the word below! 

We are moving onto a zoo unit next because our local zoo just opened their new lion exhibit! 

Have a great week!

Links for above activities:


Emily Arrow (also find her on YouTube!)

The paper letters from above are from my classroom. I’ve seen them in Amazon before, but I cannot find a link currently. 

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Sea Turtles!

Mister has been asking almost nonstop when we are going to start doing school at home! Since it is Shark Week and science day at the library this week is about the coral reef, we decided to do a mini lesson about sea turtles.

He asked me a few weeks ago about making these cookies and I told him we’d have to do that once we started staying at home. He loves helping in the kitchen and this project was perfect for tiny, helping hands! Mister dumped in most of the ingredients, helped me turn the mixer on, and even got to assist in the egg cracking! (That’s the part he asked about the most.)

He helped roll the “shell” balls and used a fork to make a shell pattern. I rolled the tiny balls, but he placed them on for the legs and head.

Note how some of the turtles seem to be break dancing… 😉

We found the recipe, along with a story and coral reef activities, in this month’s Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. Grandma subscribes and Mister is always so excited when it comes!

Now we can’t wait to learn more at the library this week!