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Sea Turtles!

Mister has been asking almost nonstop when we are going to start doing school at home! Since it is Shark Week and science day at the library this week is about the coral reef, we decided to do a mini lesson about sea turtles.

He asked me a few weeks ago about making these cookies and I told him we’d have to do that once we started staying at home. He loves helping in the kitchen and this project was perfect for tiny, helping hands! Mister dumped in most of the ingredients, helped me turn the mixer on, and even got to assist in the egg cracking! (That’s the part he asked about the most.)

He helped roll the “shell” balls and used a fork to make a shell pattern. I rolled the tiny balls, but he placed them on for the legs and head.

Note how some of the turtles seem to be break dancing… 😉

We found the recipe, along with a story and coral reef activities, in this month’s Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. Grandma subscribes and Mister is always so excited when it comes!

Now we can’t wait to learn more at the library this week!