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Organizing the Book Shelf

Being a teacher, I have collected a lot of books. Being a mom, I’ve collected a lot of books. Running the Scholastic Reading Club, I’ve collected a lot of books.

Basically, I’m drowning in books around here and I needed a way to organize them!

The books that we’ll be using for different topics while homeschooling I decided to organize by color. I searched Pinterest for awhile and figured white address labels were the way to go. Below are the categories I created that work for us. I’ve included a few examples of what some of the topics include.

Raspberry-Language (alphabet, rhyming, Spanish)


Violet-Social Skills (manners, sharing, siblings)

Orange-Dinosaurs (stories about as well as informational)

Brown-Science (weather, food, inventions)



Blue-Fairy Tales (also alternative fairy tales)

Pink-Bible Stories

Green-Math (counting, addition, fractions)

Light Blue-Insects


White-Seasonal (Right now this includes summer and Fourth of July)


I know. Some of those color choices seem odd. I was limited to the markers that still had caps in Mister’s marker box.

There is also a cube that contains random books, like character and magazines (Ranger Rick Jr. lives here).

Two of the cubes are sorted by author. Mo Willems, Eric Carle, Dr. Suess, Laura Numeroff…. and many other! I couldn’t see splitting up sets to fit them into categories.

The puzzles and Legos had to find a spot on this shelf as well. We have limited space, so we made it work.

There are also two cubes just for Junie B. Jones, The Magic Treehouse, and all those character plush!

This project has been ongoing for a couple months, so I’m glad it’s finally done!

… Of course, after I took photos and celebrated, I found a book I missed… I should probably accepted this is one thing that will never truly be complete.


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