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Calendar and More!

Even though this was our first week at home, I have decided to wait until after the holiday to start our new routine. I’m still sifting through allllll the supplies/books/papers I brought home from my classroom, so we’re slowly getting things together and organized.

Tonight I finished setting up Mister’s calendar wall. It’s similar to what we had at school, but with a couple additions. 

Obviously, the calendar. I have a couple of handmade number sets that I make patterns with, but for now I’m going to use the ones that came with the calendar. I purchased this one from Dollar Tree. 

The other part that was on my wall at school is the weather wheel and chart. There are small pieces that match the weather options from the wheel that I place on the chart.

Here is the link for the weather wheel and chart:
I changed the storm cloud to snow since we get more of that here in Michigan. 

I had a word wall at school that was organized by beginning letter. However, we don’t have the wall space for that here. I had Mister choose a few words from the premade cards I have and then I added in a few. (Library, dinosaur, and carrots since I plan on talking about those things when we first start homeschool.)

I also hung up his reading chart from the local library. We visited the library this week (actually, twice) and enrolled him in the summer reading program. He’s really excited about it! (I signed up for the adult one, too!)

The more I set things up, the more excited I get about jumping back into the school routine. I’m looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks. 🙂


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