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My Last Book Order!

Today, my last book order from school came! I made sure to get a bunch of materials that should *hopefully* be helpful while homeschooling Mister during his final year before Kindergarten. I thought it would be fun to share! 🙂


I ordered Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3 of the BOB Books. I also snagged the Kindergarten Sight Words set since Mister has been very interested in sight words since some of the kids in his class have talked about them. It’s not a top priority for me to teach him how to read before starting school, but it’s something that interests him and I wanted to be prepared!


I found the Chicka Chicka 123 game in the Scholastic flyer and he LOVES the Chicka Chicka books! (But really, I have never met a kid who DIDN’T love Chicka Chicka!) This game seems to be more like Bingo, but it also has a way to play with addition facts.

ISPY I found on the teacher portion of the website. Mister loves the ISPY series and we have tons of the books. There are many different ways to play this one and I thought it would be great for a quiet activity tub. (I’ll post about those once I get more of them finished!)


The rest of the books him and I picked out were just to round out our personal library. We got some Pigeon books, alternate fairy tales, Lego Planets (which, if you know him, you’d know that purchase was a given), and a book for him to practice cutting and pasting. He has excellent scissor skills, so hopefully some of that can be done independently.


Of course, Little Miss had to get a few. One was about colors and color mixing… but she’s already started *reading that one.


Mister wanted to read this one to her since he loves Bear Hunt, so I had to oblige.


…And then I had to make a purchase just for me. 🙂 As an early childhood/elementary educator, I love children’s books! Pout Pout Fish is a character I fell in love with in college… maybe I identify with him on some level? Anyways, he had to come live with us!


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